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Sites and Researches Year by Year

 AC    Archaeologia Cantiana
 BR    Building Recording 
 FS    Field Survey 
 IS    Industrial Site 
 KAR    Kent Archaeological Review 
 LE    Large Excavation 
 MS    Measured Survey 
 SE    Small Excavation 
 WB    Watching Brief
 WO    Walk-over Survey 
 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing

 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing
 Boughton Monchelsea,
 Campsfield Farm, Scout Hut, MA/08/0472
WB  14 page report
 Maidstone, Old Palace Gatehouse SE  12 page report

 Barming, St. Margaret’s Church, New Cemetery LE  20 page report 
 Maidstone Marker WB  1 page report
 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing

 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing
 Staplehurst, Staplehurst House, High Street,
WB  2 page report

 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing
 West Farleigh Church, New Toilets, MA/03/2444   WB  22 page report 
 Staplehurst, Hodges Place, High Street, MA/04/0497  WB  6 page report
 Hollingbourne, Ripple Manor, MA/05/1587  WB  5 page report 
 Staplehurst, Petersfield, Maidstone Road,
WB   1 page report

 East Farleigh, Roman Buildings LE  report ongoing
 Boughton Monchelsea, Rose Cottage, Loddington
 Lane, MA/04/0917
WB  2 page report
 Boughton Monchelsea, New Footpath on Beresford
 Hill, MA/04/0950
WB  2 page report
 Maidstone Rowing Club SE  7 page report

 Yalding, 1&2 Rose Cottages, Lees Road WB  2 page report
 Thurnham, Ripple Manor, MA/04/1036 WB  2 page report
 Otham, St. Nicholas Church, New Toilets  WB/MS  14 page report
 Boughton Monchelsea, Southside, Heath Road,
 WB  2 page report
 Yalding, Church House, High Street, MA/03/1642  WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, 8 Moncktons Drive  WB  1 page report

 Fremlin Walk Development  consultation with Planning Dept.
 Edenbridge Church, raising floor levels SE  7 page report
 Thurnham, Pentrich, Thurnham Lane, MA/03/0911 WB  1 page report

 West Farleigh Church, New Toilets SE/MS  5 page report
 Charing Lime Kilns IA/MS  report forthcoming

 Maidstone, 16 Lower Fant Road WB  1 page report
 Marden 1 Jubilee, House, High Street SE  9 page report

 Maidstone, 70-72  King Street, MA/00/0013 WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, 1-3  Lower Fant Road WB  2 page report
 Hunton, The Wool House BR  2 page report 

 Thurnham, former school site, MA/99/0976 WB  2 page report
 Boughton Monchelsea, Campsfield Farm FW  report ongoing
 Maidstone, 15, St. Philips Avenue, MA/98/1361 WB  1 page report
 Maidstone, 46 Beckenham Drive, Allington WB  1 page report
 Biddenden, Bettenham Manor, Bettenham Lane WB  5 page report 

 Maidstone, Postley Road WB  
 Maidstone, Week Street WB  
 Isle of Sheppey, Prehistoric Village    

 Maidstone, Armstrong Road, Astro Turf Pitch WB  3 page report
 Hollingbourne, Snarkhurst Wood WO  

 Maidstone, West Borough School, extension,
WB  3 page report
 Charing, 27-29 High Street SE/MS  8 page report
 West Farleigh, 1 Charlton Lane WB  6 page report
 Maidstone, Cutbush and Corral Charity   SE   8 page report

 Len Valley Footpath (archaeological desk top
 study for footpath guidebook)  
   6 pages
 Survey of 300 ledger slabs in the floor of All Saints’
 Church, Maidstone

 Bearsted Golf Course, new greens WB  3 page report
 Charing Sand Pit MA/94/1852 WB  2 page report
 Aylesford Gas Pipeline WB  2 page report
 Tovil, Betsy Clara Nursing Home WB  2 page report
 Chart Sutton, Bridleway KH568, Heritage Corner  SE  10 page report
 East Farleigh, Lower Gallants Farm    consultation with Planning Dept.
 Boughton Monchelsea, Tanyard Hotel WB  2 page report
 Boughton Monchelsea, Lady Bessie’s Cottage,
 Beresford Hill
WB/Resistivity Survey  6 page report
 Cuxton, and at rear 26-34 Stanford Way WB  3 page report
 Otford, Tennis court construction, SE/93/0388SE    (with Otford Archaeological Group)
 Aylesford, St. Peter’s School, extension,
WB  3 page report
 Maidstone, College Avenue, Housing (driven piles) WB  2 page report

 Sandling, Tyland Barn SE  4 page report
 Queenborough Castle WB  3 page report
 Paddock Wood, Moat Platt SE  4 page report
 Pegwell Bay, Shell Midden SE  report ongoing
 Dode Church SE  (with LMARG)
 Barming Quarry, North Pole Road, MA/91/1343    consultation with Planning Dept.

 Cobham, Fountain House, Cobham Hall SE  3 page report published AC
 Boxley, Gas Pipeline WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, Old Palace 2nd Visit WB  18 page report
 Sandling, Tyland Barn SE  ongoing
 Pegwell Bay, Shell Midden SE  report ongoing

 Maidstone, Museum of Kent Rural Life LE  report in progress

 Wrotham, Whitehill TM/88/2059  WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, Officer’s Mess, Maidstone Barracks    consultation with Ministry of Defence
 Maidstone, Bishop’s Way WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, Station Road WB  2 page report
 Maidstone, Corpus Christi WB  3 page report
 Maidstone Old Palace, 1st Visit LE  15 page report

 Maidstone Bypass  consultation with Highways Dept.
 Maidstone, Museum of Kent Rural Life LE  report in progress

 Maidstone, Fremlin Walk    consultation with Planning Dept.
 Rochester, Northgate carpark WB  (on previous excavation) report pending
 Chatham Dockyard Commissioner’s House and
SE/Resistivity Survey  

 Maidstone, Mount Roman Villa    consultation with Planning Dept.
 Halling Palace    consultation with Planning Dept.
 Cuxton, 15 Rochester Road LE  report published in AC
 Rochester Northgate C LE/MS  (with Otford Archaeological Group)
 Maidstone, Star Hotel Development WB  limited access (viewed from Multistorey car
 Maidstone, South Park Trunk Sewer WB  no report

 Cuxton, 15 Rochester Road LE  report published in AC
 Prings Quarry, Iron Age Barrow LE  report published in AC
 Snodland Villa LE  continuing excavation

Barming Quarry Walkover                      --                 Diary entry
Cuxton, 15 Rochester Road                     LE
Snodland Villa                                          LE
Cobham, Fountain House                        SE
  Broadway Shopping Centre                   WB
Snodland Villa                                          LE
Wouldham, Hill Road                              LE               published report
Snodland Villa                                          LE
Wouldham, Hill Road                              LE
1980 (proposals)
Chart Sutton Parish                                 Survey/Research
Farleigh Parishes                                     Survey/Research
Maidstone, West End of
  Archbishop’s Palace                               Recording 
Bearsted, Mott Hall                                  --
Longfield, Martins Quarry                      --      
  (Assisted Fawkham and Ash Group)
Teston Roman Villa                                 SE
Staplehurst, Castle Bank                         MS
Staplehurst, Lovehurst                            --
Boxley, Harbourland Farm                      BS
Staplehurst, Brattle Farm                       --
Teston, Roman Villa                                SE
Teston, Lodge Farm, Teston                    --
Leeds, Watermill                                      --
Maidstone Dungeon                                 BS
Bearsted, The Limes                                --
Bearsted, Mott Hall                                  --
Maidstone, Brishing Lane                       --
East Malling, Bradbourne House            BR
Bearsted, Millgate House                        BR
Larkfield, Wealden Hall, Centre              SE
Maidstone, The Mount Villa                   SE
  (assisted David Kelly)
Bearsted, Millgate House                        --
East Malling, Bradbourne House,           BS
  Pilgrim Cleaners, High Street               BS
Maidstone, Stonhams, Bank Street        IS
  (Edge runner press recorded, now
  behind Maidstone Museum)                                           
Leeds Abbey                                              LE     assistance given
Chainhurst, Davey Farm                         BS
Leeds Abbey                                              LE     assistance given
Barming, St. Cuthbert’s Cottage             BR
Bearsted, Mott Hall                                  --
Barming, Bridge Cottage                         BR
1650 Map of Maidstone                           Published
Thurnham, Honey Hills Wood                Field walk
East Farleigh                                            Field walk
Area Survey M20                                     --
Offham, Earthworks                                MS
Maidstone, 60 High Street                      SE
  Holy Trinity Church, Tombstones        FS
Barming Woods                                       SE
Maidstone, Broadway                              BR
Barming, Hermitage Woods                   SE
Leeds Abbey                                              LE             assistance given
Bearsted, Moated Site                             --
High Halstow, Decoy Farm                     --
  Westborough House, Hart Street         BS               Drawing on
Offham, St. Blaise’s Chapel                     SE               Article KAR 142
Boxley, Kiln Site                                       --
Maidstone, King Street                            BR
Wrotham Pottery Kilns                           --
Maidstone, Church Street                       SE
Offham, Earthwork                                  MS
Maidstone, Stoneborough  Centre          SE
Tovil, Bydews Place                                  BR
Teston, Court Lodge Farm                      LE
Barming, Hermitage Farm Survey         FS
Maidstone, Brishing Lane                       SE
Snodland                                                   LE
Boxley, Boxley Abbey                               LE               KAS Report in AC 1973
Cooling                                                      --
Wouldham, Court Farm                          BR
Boxley, Kilnwood                                      FS
Maidstone, The Mount                            LS
Barming, Old Hall                                    BR
Maidstone, Brishing                                SE
Boxley,  Boxley Abbey                              LE               Assisting KAS