Research Projects

This page will be used to inform members of research projects that have been completed by our members.

The first one is titled:

The Road to Farleigh Bridge

The project is an Archaeological Investigation into the initial phase of the Battle of Maidstone at East Farleigh Bridge, looking at the events which took place there on 1st June 1648. It focuses on the probable movements of the Parliamentarians in the vicinity of the Bridge, and the Royalists' defensive positions. The research not only looks at the artefactual evidence but it is also an exercise in landscape archaeology.

1 Introduction 1.1 Research Aims.
1.2 Battlefield Archaeology.
1.3 Background to the Second English Civil War.
1.4 The Situation in Kent.
1.5 Farleigh Bridge on 1st June 1648.

2 Materials and Method 2.1 Field Visits and Walk-over Survey
2.2 Typology
2.2.1 Cannonballs
2.2.2 Musketballs
2.2.3 Gunflint
2.2.4 East Farleigh Bridge
2.2.5 St Mary’s Church
2.3 The Development of the Research

3 Data/Results 3.1 Landscape
3.2 Artefactual Evidence
3.2.1 Cannonballs
3.2.2 Gunflint
3.2.3 Possible Battle Scarring St Mary’s Church
3.2.4 Musketballs
3.2.5 Doublet Worn by General Fairfax
3.2.6 National Monuments Record
3.2.7 Historic Environment Record
3.2.8 Portable Antiquities Scheme
3.2.9 Leybourne
3.2.10 Lack of Finds/Recycling

4 Analysis/Discussion

5 Conclusions

6 References/Sources

It was undertaken by Mr. Des Mullaney, who has generously offered to share it with any interested members.

Please let me know if you would like me to send you an electronic copy.