6th January 2019

Happy New Year!

Over the winter we have surveyed the trenches from 2018 using the KAS equipment, kindly operated by Richard Taylor, and we are on course to borrow the Kent University Mag and Res kit in the next month or so, once the weeds have died down. This should allow us to identify any targets on the site that we have missed so far. Volunteers will be needed to assist with that when the time comes. 

We now have the pottery dates for the ditches (and the cremation pot from 2013), they are late iron age, but the kiln feature appears to be 5th century. So in line with our earliest and latest features in the main part of the site. This could be very interesting as it gives more detail of the land use immediately either side of the Roman period.

Will keep this updated as we know what our plans are for this year.