Group Members, Past and Present

In memory of Trevor Simmons, who sadly collapsed and died on site at East Farleigh on the 2nd of October 2016.


"I always enjoyed digging with Trevor and It’s hard to believe that he has died as I
always saw him as somebody that was really fit, it just goes to show we mustn’t take
anything for granted."


"One of Nature's gentlemen; a gentle, unassuming soul and one
of the best diggers it has ever been my privilege to work alongside. No-one could cut
a better section or better trowel a surface. He will be greatly missed."


"He understood what was needed from each of us as archaeologists and
what we as individuals could manage. This is where his incredible
strength and stamina came in- how anyone could work all day on a
banana and a few self-rolled ciggies is a mystery!"


"Trevor was kind and friendly, full of words of wisdom wrapped up in a
dry sense of humour. If the last minutes of a person’s life are the most important then it was a
great honour to be with Trevor at his end. What a way to go - trowel in one hand, a ciggie in the other and friends near-by!"