Group History

(extract from "Maidstone Area Archaeological Group - Forty Years On : an overview" by A.J. Daniels)

The Beginnings
The Group was formed on 16th April 1969 at a public meeting at Maidstone Museum. Allen Grove, the then curator of the Museum, was elected the first Chairman. The Group later met at the Adult Education Centre Annex in St. Faith’s Street, St. Francis’ Church meeting hall, The Arches in Maidstone, Detling Village School and the Kent Police College, off Sutton Road, Maidstone where it met until 2014.
The officers have always run the Group. There are no committee members or committee meetings. Officers know their duties and any other business is conducted at the monthly Group meetings where everyone can have their say.
The Group has carried out large and small research excavations, some lasting one day and others a lot longer, as is the case with the East Farleigh excavations.
The Group has had buildings which it has used as a headquarters. The west end of the old building now known as the Wealden Hall, Larkfield was the Group's home for many years from July 1973. The Group then moved to the old Barming Club on the Tonbridge Road until March 1980. Since then we have not had a headquarters.
Several of the sites excavated by the Group have been published in Archaeologia Cantiana (Arch. Cant.), the journal of the Kent Archaeological Society, or the Kent Archaeological Review (KAR).  Many of the other sites including the watching briefs have had reports lodged with the HER (Heritage Environment Record).

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