An iron age silver minim, dated to 10 - 1BC. 

Backfilling last year's excavations, including a previously unseen western face of building 3.


A section through the other 'Iron Age' ditch.

Another section through the Roman ditch.


The new wall discovered in 2012 turns out to be truncated by the modern revetment at the northern end, and by the later building 3 at the southern end! Will this turn out to be another building contemporary with building 2?

Excavating a section through the Roman ditch, supervised by Max.


Drainage ditch running down the hill towards the Roman buildings. Some Roman pottery found in the fill.

New wall discovered on the last day of digging. Could it be another building?


The East Farleigh Roman Buildings site was backfilled on Monday, 19th December. We were very grateful to The Gallagher Group for generously donating their men and equipment to us for the day - this was a massive task and it would have taken us weeks to do it ourselves with wheelbarrows and shovels!

A cold and frosty start:

... and so to bed ...


So many years' worth of work covered over in just one day.

Once the grass has re-grown, there will be no outwardly visible sign of the buildings that remain underground, but the plans and the finds will tell their own story. Meanwhile ... the excavation will continue ...

Buildings 2 and 3 taken from a scaffold tower on the south side.



Building 5 from the south eastern corner

Building 5 taken from a scaffold tower on the northern side. 

Just one of the many unique aspects of this site, painted wall plaster on the outside of the western wall of building 5.